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2018 Product Catalogue

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Wave MiniBOSS

IMO Oil Water Seperator

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Lloyds Type Approved :

Lloyds Type Approved




Wavestream™ Bilge Water Filtration and Polishing Systems

The Wavestream™ bilge water filter systems  are Lloyds Type Approved  and available for a wide range of craft, from small day boats to tankers and shipping.

Wavestream™ systems come with polypropylene or steel housings, as single or multiple units which can be skid mounted with full self control capability. Whatever is needed  to suit your particular bilge application can be provided.

The filter cartridges within the housings use a unique filter media. The oil bonds to the filter, locking it in. All types of oil from light fuels, such as petrol and diesel, to heavy greases and lube oils whether dispersed or  emulsified are all removed.

The cartridge is removed when saturated and replaced, simply and efficiently, no other maintenance is required by the system.

  • Wavestream™ is capable of a 5 parts per million discharge performance as required by the UK Boat Safety Scheme.

  • Efficient and cost effective with a long cartridge life.

  • Easy to install with simple cartridge change out.

  • Lloyds Type Approved.

  • Available for all craft, power and sail.

  • Used by premier boat builders. the rescue services, the navy and the military and by thousands of recreational boat owners.


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